Persephone Books

I had a lovely surprise on Friday when an unexpected parcel turned up in the post. It was from Persephone Books and inside I found a copy of The Persephone Book of Short Stories complete with two bookmarks, the Persephone Biannually magazine, and the Persephone Catalogue 1999-2012. I was delighted – so thank you very much Persephone.

The Book of Short Stories, the 100th Persephone book, is a collection of thirty short stories by twentieth century women, spanning the years 1909-1986, including such authors as Mollie Panter-Downes, Shirley Jackson, Diana Athill, Dorothy Whipple and Phyllis Bentley, to name but a few. There is also a chapter containing short biographies of the authors.

Other Persephone Books that I’ve written about are:

Persephone Books publish beautiful books – grey paperbacks with patterned endpapers and bookmarks to match. They are a pleasure to hold and to read.There are novels, short story collections, poetry, children’s books, thrillers, cookery books, and non-fiction books to choose from as well as a selection of Unabridged Audiobooks.

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