Saturday Snapshot

Another photo from the family snapshots. I actually quite like this one of me, taken years ago.  I’m not sure of the date but it must have been a hot day, or I wouldn’t have been wearing a little strappy top. And it must have been a long time ago because our son is all grown up now, with three children of his own! I think he must have been about 12 years old (is that right P?).Click on the photo to enlarge.

I like it too because it’s not a posed photo – I’m smiling naturally – and you can see our son casually walking into the picture. I’m holding our next-door neighbour’s new puppy, introducing it to our two dogs. Ben, our black, tan and white border collie/cross is interested and wants to play, but Zoe, our golden retriever isn’t bothered about it and instead wants to go to the photographer – my husband – so you can only see the top of her head. And I do like my Scholls. I used to wear them all the time, so comfortable. That reminds me I need to get another pair.

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21 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. Isn’t it fun to look at old snaps and think back on clothing styles, hair styles, and the backdrops that we choose to photograph? I love old family snapshots!


  2. That is a fun candid photo! Makes me want to appreciate every single minute with my kids – they are growing up so fast. My oldest is 11 and starting middle school. It’s so odd to think of how much he’ll grow in the next few years.


  3. I love seeing old photos. You and your son both have great smiles!
    I too love Scholls!! I haven’t worn them for a few years, but now I want to buy a pair.


  4. Margaret – Oh, what a lovely ‘photo! You’ve got a very pretty dress on and I like your son’s expression – he seems to be enjoying himself. And then of course as a dog lover I can’t resist the pups either. 🙂


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