Saturday Snapshot

We’ve had lots of rain recently, which Heidi doesn’t like. Yesterday she looked out of the cat flap and then settled down on the mat to wait for the rain to stop.

Is she going out? It looks like it, but no – she sticks her paw out and its still raining!

Back to the mat!

Just in case you think she was banished to the mat – it was her own choice. Later in the day, whilst it was still raining she made herself comfy on the sofa, with a handy cushion for her head.

She’s not as sweet as she looks because first thing in the morning I was greeted by feathers in the kitchen! But all was well as the baby bird had managed to escape by hiding on the windowsill and flew away when D rescued it.

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34 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. What great videos and pics. They all confirm my already-decided-upon Life Hypothesis which is to return [after I die]… as a cat. And to take part [second-time-’round] in that world where the only things that are done are those with are selfish and pleasurable!
    — Cheers!
    — Cip


  2. hahha loved this! Yes – Ella hates the rain too. She nips out for women’s business then is straight back! Currently curled up in her bed here in the snug.


  3. I love your kitty, mine is much disappointed with the rain also. However, mine is so sick of the birds chirpping non stop this spring that I think I might not rescue should he catch something, which is highly unlikely.


  4. What a great video. Our cat ventured out yesterday and got caught in just about the worst thunderstorm I can ever remember. He wouldn’t come back when we called, and crept back when it was all over looking very dejected – and dripping wet. My Saturday Snapshot is a Warrior Queen who fought the Danes – and won.


  5. I love those photos, Margaret! Your cat look so happy and contented, in spite of the rain. I like how much space they can take up resting, as well as how tiny a space they can fit into.


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