Saturday Snapshots – Jubilee Celebrations

Last Saturday I posted photos of the coronation procession I took part in in 1953. Irene asked if I would post photos of what was happening in my area for the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Well, it was relatively quiet where we live, nearly 350 miles from London. We watched some of the River Pageant on television:

I liked the aerial views and the close-up shots of the Queen and Royal Family, but it was different from actually being there:

The next day our son and his family came to stay and we had a barbecue on the decking, decorated with our daughter-in-law’s hand knitted bunting:

Food was eaten, drinks were drunk and games were played:

Then in the evening we went to one of the 4,200 Diamond Jubilee Beacons that were lit all over the UK and the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Commonwealth and Overseas UK Territories. Ours was at Watchlaw Farm in Northumberland, where there are magnificent views of the Cheviots and the Tweed Valley:

The beacon was lit just after 10pm:

and soon it was blazing away:

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

D took a video which is on YouTube – watch out for the rocket towards the end of the video!

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17 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots – Jubilee Celebrations

  1. There must be such a wave of excitement all around you, as the celebratory moments build.

    I really enjoyed your last week’s photos, too, as they reminded me of watching the Coronation on TV. The TV itself was a big deal, as not many of us had them back then.

    Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST


  2. This looks like a terrific celebration. My daughter watched some of the river pageant on TV last week. I walked in at the end and saw these soaking wet singers shivering as they sang. I think they should have had umbrellas. That bonfire is something. Here’s Mine


  3. Bonfires are big here in New Hampshire so I can appreciate a well-constructed ‘tepee’ … it was a doozy! I love the idea of beacons burning in the night to celebrate Her Majesty! Great celebration even if you were 350 miles out from London!

    And … was that a cricket bat in the back yard games?


  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen knitted bunting before – very creative! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun where you were at. Are all bonfires called beacons there, or is it just a name for the ones lit on that special occasion? Just curious 🙂


  5. I watched the celebrations on TV here in Canada. Prince Charles and Camila just finished their visit here. Last year it was Prince Wm and Kate. My son got to shake hands with them. We were all so excited. Thanks for your photos detailing the festive events.


  6. I just loved watching all the celebratory events surrounding the Queen’s Jubilee 🙂 Friends of ours in Australia were celebrating as well 🙂


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