Saturday Snapshot


Coldstream is our nearest Scottish town, the other side of the River Tweed. The view as you approach from the English side of the border is dominated by this monument that towers 70 feet above the town. It’s known as ‘Charlie‘ and was erected in 1834 as a tribute to Sir Charles Marjoribanks who was the first Liberal Member of Parliament for Berwickshire after the Reform Act of 1832. He died in 1833 at the age of 39.

'Charlie' - Sir Charles Marjoribanks

Below my photo is rather dark, just showing the silhouette of the statue as it rears up behind the houses in front and below it.

Coldstream - Marjoribanks Monument

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16 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. That’s cool! I never gave much thought to what the border between England and Scotland might be like. Is there an actual physical boundary, or just more of an acknowledge place where the border is?


  2. I agree Charlie is quite wonderful looming over the little town. But I betcha there are times when a rude comment or two is made about Charlie standing tall and proud, eh?
    Coldstream looks like a must visit to me!


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