I bought a book …

… not so unusual! But I had decided I wouldn’t buy any more until I’d read at least 6 of my to-be-read books and so far I’ve only read 3.

I gave  in and bought first one book and then another because we went to Much Wenlock in Shropshire on our way to Stratford-upon-Avon and found two good bookshops on the High Street. The  first one I saw on the High Street was Wenlock Books, selling new and secondhand books in a lovely old timber-framed building:

The secondhand books are upstairs:

where I bought Vera Brittain’s Chronicle of Youth Great War Diary 1913 – 1917. It looks unread and as good as new. I’ve borrowed her diary Testament of Youth from a friend, so I’ll read that first.

We walked across the road to the Copper Kettle for a cup of tea and then saw another bookshop further down the High Street – Much More Books, selling secondhand books:

where I bought An Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson.

I’m following Fleur’s method of not buying books except for exceptional bargains, which I think these two books were:


9 thoughts on “I bought a book …

  1. I agree with Bernadette. Buying to support indie bookstores is definitely a public service. Plus you got two books that you’ll likely enjoy. It’s all good!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Is there a High Street in all little British towns? Kind of like Main Street here in the US.


  2. Those bookshops are so pretty. I can’t imagine any of us bookbloggers being able to resist going in and buying something. And I agree that small bookshops need supporting. I have An Expert in Murder on my owen tbr pile, will get to it one of these days. And the other book sounds excellent. I must say, I do like Shropshire.


  3. Margaret – Well, now, how could you resist? I wouldn’t have! And in a very strange co-incidence, if you have a moment and are so inclined, you may want to visit my blog this evening about 21:15 or so your time…


  4. A trip to Much Wenlock in Shropshire? As if there has ever been a better excuse to buy a couple of books 😉 (says she who smuggled nine books with her from CrimeFest)


  5. I wish I’d known you were going to Much Wenlock. Anna, who owns Wenlock Books is a friend and if you’d told her you knew me I’m sure she would have made you a pot of tea. It is my favourite book shop and I never leave it without buying far more than I ought to!


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