Saturday Snapshot – Pets

I’ve dug back into our photographs looking for photos of Zoe, our Golden Retriever. She was our first dog we had when our son was 5 years old – he’s grown up now with children and dogs of his own. I can’t find the one of him holding Zoe when we first brought her home, but this is one taken a few months later in the back garden. She lived with us for 13 years and we had many happy times with her – she was the most faithful and gentle of dogs.

Here is one when she was older, with me and our other dog, Ben:


A Saturday Snapshot post.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – Pets

  1. Hi Margaret,

    What some great memories in those couple of pictures.

    Neighbours of ours many years ago, had a Golden Retriever and a more loving and placid companion, you couldn’t have wished for.

    We have never had pets, something which I may live to regret. It stems from my Mother’s dislike of anything furry, although we did always have Budgerigars and Tortoises (back in the days when it was legal to keep them of course).

    I know that my husband would dearly love to have a dog!


  2. Hi!
    Both of the dogs are beautiful. My brother had a red retriever. She was so gentle. She even raised a litter of kittens. Have a great day!

    Just Books


  3. Oh My, that first picture of Zoe is precious! I wouldn’t be able to not run up and shower her with pets & kisses. I adore Golden Retrievers and grew up with one. We adopted Sasha when she was a little older, though, and didn’t get the privelege of enjoying her in that adorable puppy stage! Zoe grew into a beautiful dog. It’s amazing & fantastic how gentle many golden retrievers are.
    Thank you for these great photos!


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