Booking Through Thursday – Books that Change Your Life?

Today’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

Which Book Changed Your Life?

I’ve seen this question before and wondered about it, so I can say with confidence that there is no one book that has changed my life. Books as a whole have influenced my life. Reading is a way of life for me. It began a long time ago when I was a little girl, listening to my Dad reading to me before I went to sleep. Books are a wonderful resource, whether you want entertainment or information. Books are part of me, I’ve always loved them. When I had to decide what to do when I left school it was my Dad who suggested that I might like to be a librarian, because he knew I loved books. So books steered me into going to Library School and working in libraries for a few years.  I’ve had a few different jobs since then, but books have always been central.

Without my love of books I would never have started to write a blog. It was whilst I was trying to find more information about a book that I stumbled into this world of book blogs and began my own – life changing!

9 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Books that Change Your Life?

  1. I like this a lot! I could really, put down ANY book I’ve ever read even the bad ones because life is totally subjective, driven by what we experience, you know? I guess that’s why I picked the existentialism book for myine because it ties all of that in. So I guess it was a bit of a copout…;O0


  2. I can’t think of a book that affected my life but as a young child I had a friend, an only child whose bedroom walls (3 of them!) was just all books hard covers before paperbacks of every Enid Blyton ever written plus school stories. She wasn’t allowed to loan them but what bliss to stay the night. I have had a passion for books, book shelves and shops since then.I find it very hard to part with books. Since reading these great blogs I have even more books to search out. Thank you and a Merry Christmas.


  3. I agree. Books have always defined who I am, and book blogs have not only introduced me to books I never would have heard of (and what a loss that would have been) but also have introduced me to people all over the world that I now count as friends.


  4. Margaret–I would say the same. I’m not sure that any one book changed my life, but books have as a whole provided solace, eye opening experience, escape, and deeper attention to the world around me by turns.


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