Sunday Salon – Current Books

The snow is slowly retreating with the slight thaw we had yesterday, the fir tree is green again, but there’s no green anywhere else. It’s still mainly a white world.

In keeping with the weather my current reading is Frozen Moment by Camilla Ceder. It’s set in Sweden at Christmas time – well it keeps flashing back to an unspecified season in 1993, but it’s mostly a cold, snowy scene. I haven’t read much beyond the first murder – a man is found shot in the head and he was also run over repeatedly for good measure. I know from the blurb that there is another murder and the police are baffled.

As I’ve finished the two autobiographies I was reading last week I’ve started another – Just Me by Sheila Hancock. I haven’t read much of this yet either. Sheila is trying to come to terms with the death of her husband, John Thaw and has decided she needs to keep busy. She has put the house in France that she and John loved on the market and decided to go travelling. As she writes about her current life she also reminisces about the past. So far I’m enjoying her candour and easy style of writing.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Current Books

      1. Well, it is not a pageturner, but my final judgment was that it was a “promising and exciting debut”. I do make allowances for debuts, especially as I really liked the sense of place and the characters, but I wouldn´t mind she put more action in earlier either.


  1. Hi Margaret,
    I love the sound of ‘Frozen Moment’ and was interested in Dorte’s comments, definitely one to look out for.

    Personally, I am not a huge fan of Biographies or Autobiographies. The whole concept of celebrity just leaves me cold, so I wouldn’t condone it by buying their stories. It may be different if we were talking about an ‘ordinary’ person, who may have done some extraordinary things.

    Glad to hear that you have something of a thaw going on up there, but they are forecasting more heavy snow for the weekend and right through until Christmas, so goodness knows what mayhem that scenario will bring!!!


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