Weekend Cooking – Bread

Bread is one of my favourite foods. I’ve been baking my own bread for about 4 years now, using a breadmaker. I’ve tried making it by hand but all that kneading just defeats me and it is so much easier with a machine. It is very simple – you just put all the ingredients in the bread tin, choose the appropriate setting, press start and leave it to knead, prove and bake. My breadmaker has a little dispenser so you can add nuts, or dried fruit. Or there is a dough setting – doing all the hard work for you – and then you can shape the dough into rolls, baguettes, plaits, croissants or whatever takes your fancy and bake them in the oven.

I vary what I make, sometimes using a packet mix, which does give a very good result. My favourites are Cheese and Onion, Ciabatta and Mixed Grain. Other times I use fast acting dried yeast and the Very Strong White or Wholemeal flour, sometimes making half white and half brown bread. I recently bought a Country Grain flour – with malted wheat flakes, rye flour and malted wheat and barley flour and mixed that with the very strong white flour to make this loaf:


For this I used 1 teaspoon of yeast, 250 grams of the Country Grain flour, 225 grams of strong white flour, I½ teaspoons of sugar, 1¼ teaspoons of salt, 25 grams of butter and 340 ml of water and set the breadmaker on the wholemeal setting. It took 5 hours to make and bake. There is a rapid setting as well but I find that  the bread doesn’t rise as much and it takes more yeast.

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking – Bread

  1. The rapid setting is not my favorite either. I use the bread machine quite often, usually using the dough setting so I can shape and bake the bread myself. Such a time saver and so little mess/cleanup that I can bake bread during the week in the middle of a workday.

    I love the look of your bread; I haven’t baked with good grain mix in a while. You’ve inspired me.


  2. What make is it? I’ve often thought about a bread maker. It’s my favourite food. When I first started teaching I used to make my own bread every Friday evening. It was a wonderful way of getting rid of all the tension and frustration of the week.


    1. It’s a Panasonic Automatic with a raisin/nut dispenser. There’s probably a newer model now because I’ve had it ages. When I was working full-time I used to use to automatic timer so the bread was ready first thing in the morning. Now I rarely use the timer.


  3. That is interesting. I make my bread with a breadmaker as well, but ours over here have no rapid setting. The regular time for a bread is around 3 hours and it always works out fine. Maybe your machines are bigger than ours. I never tried out the dough setting, but I use mine to make jam instead. Works like a charm, too.


  4. I so love our bread maker! It has changed my life – truly. After all the years of making it by hand, and even grinding our own flour for a while, this is just so simple. And delicious. And Tom makes it. He often puts in the ingredients at night, and sets it so there is fresh bread first thing in the morning. A minor miracle.


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