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For today’s Favourite Places post I’m featuring Bath. For more Favourite Places see Margot’s blog Joyfully Retired.

The last time we have Bath was just over three years ago, when we had a weekend there. There is a lot to see in Bath and we only managed to go to a few places – the main one being the Roman Baths.

We stayed here:

and walked into the centre of Bath, down Great Pulteney Street, passing this Victorian pillar box:

We walked over Pulteny Bridge and looked down on the River Avon and the weir:

Here is Bath Abbey, where Edgar was crowned King of the English in 973:


*Added after first posting:

There have been three churches on the site of Bath Abbey – the first was an Anglo-Saxon church dating from 757, destroyed by the Normans after 1066. The present Abbey church was founded in 1499 and completed in 1611.*

Visting the Roman Baths was the highlight of our weekend. We could have stayed in there all day, with so much to look at. 


Here is the underfloor heating.

Although we were footsore after walking round the Baths we managed to go to the Fashion Museum, which is housed in the Assembly Rooms

and after looking at the displays of fashion dating back to the eighteenth century

we wandered round the Ball Room, imagining what it was like on ball nights during Jane Austen’s time and then had a cup of coffee in the Assembly Rooms cafe.

9 thoughts on “Favourite Places – Bath

  1. I so enjoyed this trip you gave me through Bath. The Abbey looks so amazing. It’s hard to believe such an intricate building could be that old. I can’t imagine how they had the skills back then to build it, but somehow they did. Thanks so much for sharing one of your favorite places.


  2. Margot, sorry I should have made it clear that the present building does not date back to 973!
    I’ve added info to the post about it. Still, it is very old, dating back to 1611.


  3. Bath is one of England’s most beautiful cities. I was lucky enough to spend 5 years living in Bristol and visited Bath numerous times. Then years later my son was at university there for three years so I know it very well.


  4. Oh what happy memories you’ve brought back from my own trip to bath during a visit to the UK some years ago. It’s a beautiful place. It’s also got the record for being the most expensive place I’ve ever parked a car – we parked our hired car in a public car park and toddled off for a day of sightseeing and when it came time to pay we were up for 30 pounds – and this was in the mid 90’s when the exchange rate between pounds and the Aussie dollar was worse than now so that cost us more than $100!


  5. Bath is one of my favorite places and I have not been there in years. Thanks for these pictures, and reminding me what an amazing place Bath is. As I recall there was a wonderful place to get pasties there too.
    I have also gone back again and again to the earlier pictures of the Terra Cotta Warriors (I would like to see the real thing, but have to settle for the exhibit in Washington DC at the end of the month right now.)
    I would also like to revisit so many places in England, Bath being one of them.



    1. Stefanie, the Baths aren’t still functional but according to the Thermae Bath Spa website “you can bathe in the natural thermal waters which were discovered by the Celts and Romans more than 2,000 years ago”. It is near the Roman Baths.


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