Would I tell You Lies? The Answers

When Kay guessed the true answer straight away I thought I’d made this too easy and then I got a little worried when some of you wrote that you think I’m a good liar! Some of the statements were partially true but only one was absolutely true:

1. FALSE – I can’t play the piano at all, never mind passing Grade 5 with merit. I had a few lessons at school when I was thinking about being a teacher and was pleased to give up the lessons when I decided I didn’t want to be a teacher. My finger span is not broad enough for one thing.

2. PARTLY FALSE – I can’t speak Welsh. My Taid (grandfather) taught me how to count up to 10 and to say “good night” and “shut the door” in Welsh but that is all and I can’t remember the numbers now. I was 5 when Granny and Taid came to live with us and each evening I must have left their door open because after saying “nos da” they always added “caewch y drws”.

3. FALSE – my mother-in-law did indeed teach flower arranging. I never went to her classes and although she did tell me the basics I never entered any competitions and have never won prizes for my flower arrangements.

4. FALSE – I haven’t been to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I only got to the second level when I was staying with my French penfriend. I haven’t got a head for heights!

5. TRUE – I had dancing lessons from an early age and have danced the French Can-Can on stage. I was in a Youth Club and for a couple of years we put on a show. One year with three friends I danced the Can-Can, ending by doing the splits. Kay asked what I wore. We wore the traditional Can-Can costumes -here’s a photo. I’m the second from the left (it was a long time ago).

6. PARTLY FALSE – I did love diving and wanted to learn to scuba dive on holiday in Cyprus, but I chickened out.

7. FALSE –  Frederic, Lord Leighton, a Victorian painter and sculptor is no relation to me, although my father was also called Frederick Leighton. I’ve been looking up my family history and can’t find any link whatsoever.


  1. Margaret, you look precious! I’m not sure why I guessed that one, just picked one. Probably mostly because I did wonder about the costume. 🙂

    I will never be able to go up on the Eiffel Tower either. Bad vertigo. You thought up some whoppers!


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