Yet More Snow Scenes

Earlier this week we couldn’t get the car out of the drive, so a couple of days ago as the sun was shining we decided to walk to the village shop along the main road about a mile and a half away.  I love seeing the trees looking as though they’re covered in royal icing. This is one in our front garden, so beautiful:

snowy tree

We had only just got onto the road when a car stopped and a voice asked if we wanted a lift. We have only been here a few weeks and haven’t met many people yet, so it was lovely to meet this couple who live just a short distance along the road from us.

They dropped us at the shop and having bought some essentials like milk and potatoes we walked back home. The scenery is stunning round here and I just had to take more snowy photos.

The Road Home
The Road Home


view from road home 1
The view from the road home


The view from road home
The view from the road home

The snow is beginning to thaw today. We dug the car out this morning and can get up to the road, so now we can get out and about! The snow is still thick on the ground in the garden, but the trees are now free of snow.

bk gdn trees

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