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Musing Mondays (BIG)Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about library company€¦

Who, if anyone usually accompanies you to the library? Is it somewhere you go alone? Or is it a regular outing with family or friends? Which do you prefer?

My library visits are either with family or alone. As a child I went with my mother and when I was old enough I started to go by myself. My first full-time job was as a librarian so then I used to bring books home with me. Later I took my son with me and now my husband sometimes come with me.

I have no preference – if I’m with others we split up in the library to browse and meet up when we’ve chosen our books anyway so it really doesn’t make any difference.


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  1. The library is like shopping for me – I really prefer to go by myself. Of course when the kids were little, it was great fun bringing them to explore and choose books, but now I like to take my time and walk through the shelves looking at titles. I wonder if many do this anymore. My guess is they go right to the new books shelves right by the desk, and rarely go back into the stacks. If I ran libraries, I’d have a table out front of the check out area, with weekly choices of old books so people could see all the wonders the library holds.


  2. I almost always prefer to go alone because whomever I go with is always wanting to leave before I’m ready, and I don’t like to feel rushed.

    My dad used to take me to the library when I was a kid, and sometimes we stopped for ice cream on the way home! The library was one of the Carnegie libraries and I remember it was one of the most beautiful buildings I was ever in. The modern (1970s concrete) building that replaced it never even came close to creating the same magical feeling for me.


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