Library Loot


I borrowed just three books this week from the library.coastliners For more Library Loot click on the button above.

  • Coastliners by Joanne Harris:  a novel about a hardy island community fighting the encroaching seas. A young woman returns to her home island off the Atlantic coast and tries to stop the decline of her father’s fishing village. I borrowed this book because I loved Chocolat and Gentlemen and Players.


  • The Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie. This is a collection of short stories. A thirteen-problemsgroup of friends, including Miss Marple meet on a Tuesday night and tell sinister stories of unsolved crimes. I’m taking part in the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge and this week this was the only book in the library by AC. I’ve started reading it and am finding it a bit simplistic. So far it’s been Miss Marple much to the surprise of the others (but not to me) who comes up with the solution.


  • The Gardens of the Dead by William Brodrick: When Elizabeth Glendinning QC dies of gardens-of-the-deada sudden heart attack while making a desperate phone call to the police, her colleagues and family are devastated and mystified. What was she doing in east London at the time of her death, and what was she trying to tell Inspector Cartwright in her last phone call? I’ve never read anything by William Brodrick, so this is new territory. The quotes on the back cover are promising eg: “Worthy of Le Carre at his best”  from Allan Massie writing in the Scotsman.

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  1. Christie was, I think, better at novels than short stories, but there are some really good ones in The Thirtteen Problems. I rather liked Motive v Opportunity, among others.


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