It’s Tuesday – Where are You?/Teaser Tuesday

tuesdaywhereareyouToday I’m in Edinburgh with DI Rebus investigating the disappearance of Philippa Balfour, a university student known as ‘Flip’ to her friends and family. She had arranged to meet friends at a bar on the South Side but hadn’t turned up. Her father is a wealthy banker living in The Falls where a carved wooden doll is found in a coffin shortly after Flip’s disappearance. Flip was involved in an Internet game involving solving cryptic clues – is this connected to her disappearance and who is the Quizmaster? Click the button to find out where other readers are today.

teaser-tuesdaySo my teaser this week is from page 280 of The Falls by Ian Rankin.

‘Right, here’s what we’ve got so far. We’ve got Burke and Hare – taking things chronologically – and soon after them we’ve got lots of little coffins found on Arthur’s Seat.’

For more teasers click the button.


  1. I haven’t read any Rebus but have watched the television versions with both actors, and liked them a lot. I think it is in an Alexander McCall Smith book, one of the Isabel Dalhousie books perhaps, when they are walking around Edinburgh and go by Mr Rankin’s house. I seem to remember a courtyard?


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