Why Buy?

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Deb’s question today is about whether you more often buy your books, or get them from libraries.  WHY BUY?

My answer is very simple – I buy books because I love books.

Of course I borrow books too, but the joy of owning a book is that you can read it at your own speed – there’s no deadline to get it read and returned to the library and you can read it again and again if you want to. There is also something special about the feel of a new unread book that is hard to resist and when you compare that to a rather tired and thumbed library book it’s no contest. I do like it when I’m the first to read a brand new library book, but that doesn’t happen very often.

18 thoughts on “Why Buy?

  1. Yes, great response.

    I agree: there is nothing so special as a brand new book to read in your own time. I borrow a lot of books from the public library as well, mostly those I’m not sure if I’ll like or not (and then, if I love them, I’ll often go and buy a copy, just so I can read it again or lend to someone!)


  2. Books are something that can last forever and something that can continuously bring joy – first to the initial reader/buyer and then others who may also enjoy the book. I love books and I love looking at shelves of books!


  3. Yes, me too, although I am trying hard to have a one in, one out policy as the house is being taken over. I even managed to take three to the charity shop the other day, and I had only bought about a dozen!


  4. I like Mary Beth’s sentiments – I too look at my books and think, ‘Mine, mine – all mine!’ Apart from my grandchildren, nothing gives me so much pleasure.


  5. When I was a student I bought books, books, books.
    I’m working now for more than 30 years in a university library and get easily to the books I want. For free or – via inter library lending service – almost for free.
    I’ve weeded out during the years my book collection.
    Away with the books I only read once. Reading a book twice, allmost never have I done that.
    Away with the books I never read, they gave a guilty feeling.
    Away with the books, aged by time (yellow/brown). Not aesthetic!
    I like stacks full of new books, as in the library shops.


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