10 Signs a Book Has Been Written by Me ‘“ a Meme

Gautami has tagged me for this meme. As I haven’™t written a book this is difficult. If I were to write one, thinking optimistically, it would:

1.be historical fiction
2.be romantic
3.have a mystery to be solved
4.be philosophical
6.and mystical
7.focusing on the power of memories
8.and the intricacies of the mind
9.be well researched
10.and be a bestseller.

The only publication to my name (well my maiden name) is a bibliography on the ‘˜Massacre’™ of ‘˜Peterloo in 1819’™ that I compiled and was published by the library where I used to work. So more realistically my book would be:

2.well researched
3.structured and methodical
4.based on facts, not on assumptions
5.detailed, but clear and concise
7.referenced with footnotes, not endnotes.
8.It would have an extensive bibliography
9.and an index.
10.It would be a bestseller ‘“ I wish!

Gautami, you have no idea how long this has taken me, or how much thought has gone into this post. It has been a pipe-dream of mine to write a book. I have bought and borrowed many books on writing and nothing has come from my pen, or more recently my computer, that in any way, shape or form resembles a book! I’™m an expert at reading how to write fiction, but faced with doing any of those exercises they say will help to write a novel I dry up completely. It’™s like putting me in a group of people and being asked to name five interesting things about yourself that nobody could guess from looking at you. Or dividing up into little groups to discuss something and then reporting back to the big group – my mind goes blank immediately.

So at the end of all this I know that the book I would like to write is buried deep within me but will probably stay there, well hidden, too shy to come out. But on the other hand if it starts out on this computer, it may just begin to relax and make itself known ‘¦

I’™m supposed to tag another five people now. Stuckinabook, A Work In Progress, So Many Books, Of Books and Bicycles and In Spring It is the Dawn, I’™d love to see what you would write, so I’™m tagging you. Please let me know how you get on.

7 thoughts on “10 Signs a Book Has Been Written by Me ‘“ a Meme

  1. Thanks for doing this. It infact reveals a lot about us. What kind of books we read, what kind we would like to read. I found yours very interesting. I will buy it.I too started a novel but gave it up after 6700+ words. I just could not develop it further..


  2. You just may get that book written someday. You never know. Perhaps take your own advice and start writing it on your computer. I must think about how to answer this one…


  3. I think our books might actually be somewhat similar. I’ll have a think on this one, too, and answer it tomorrow. I’m definitely not a writer, but I know what I’d like to do if I had the ability!


  4. I finally got around to doing this meme. It’s been a busy week. Good luck coaxing your shy book out someday. 🙂


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