Bear With Me

Normal book posts will be resumed as soon as possible.

In the meantime the bears have been clamouring for a mention. This is Little Big Ted and he is the first miniature bear that I bought, so he’s my favourite. I found him at a Bear Fair at Woburn Abbey and he’s seen the Queen. His arms and legs snap off (press studs) and his maker popped him in his shirt pocket and took him to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen (I can’t remember why).

This started me off collecting miniature bears ever since. Some of them are Steiff bears but others are just plain little bears and they’re all welcome here. There are specialist shops and museums where they can be found.

Some of them like to sit on the bookshelves.

That is when they don’t get together with the others, including a few bigger bears.

8 thoughts on “Bear With Me

  1. Dear BooksPlease, we were very pleased to see the pictures of The Bears who share your home. We are, however, very worried about your Bear whose arms and legs come off (press studs or no press studs). When Bunthorn Bear’s arm nearly came off he had to have an operation with super glue and an elastic band. He was very brave. Please give all your Bears lots and lots of love.The Bears who share Ann’s home.


  2. Dear Bears living with Ann, please do not worry about the press studs they don’t bother me at all. But I am rather pleased that Margaret leaves my arms and legs alone – I am her favourite bear and she wouldn’t hurt me at all. Love from Little Big Ted


  3. How lovely. Chez Stuck-in-a-Book we have more dogs (see BAFAB posts with Patch the Wonder Dog) but lots of bears too. One of the dogs can top even the studded-limbs, as he turns inside out to become a parcel. Well, not anymore, because he is getting a little old…


  4. One of my coworkers collects bears and she even has a Christmas tree decorated all in bear ornaments. It’s the most amazing thing.


  5. What lovely little bears! Do you have any really old antique ones? I seem to remember visiting somewhere–museum or historical house perhaps that had a room full of antique bears–you couldn’t go in, only look through the window. I always thought it would be fun to collect them, but never got around to it.


  6. Danielle, sadly I haven’t got any really old or antique teddy bears. They’re rather expensive! These little bears are the next best thing as some of them are reproductions of antique bears – not Little Big Ted, though, he’s an original.


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