The Duke of Marmalade and the Count de Limonade

These names intrigue me and I couldn’t believe they were real when I read about them in Pollock’s Wilberforce. All they meant to me was toast and marmalade and a fizzy drink.

So I looked them up and couldn’t find out much.

Henri Christophe (Wikipedia has an article on him) had seized power in Haiti. He had created a nobility from the former slaves. Their names were derived from the slave holders’ estates and so we have the Duke of Marmalade who was the Commander in Chief and the Comte de Limonade who was the Secretary of State. So, it was oranges and lemons.

I’m always going off on tangents when I’m reading a book – one book always leads to others.

2 thoughts on “The Duke of Marmalade and the Count de Limonade

  1. Love today’s photograph – yum! I too am always going off on tangents after reading (certain) books, doing more research, buying more books. I gues that’s what I love about reading. There’s always someplace else to go, another book, another thing to be learned.


  2. That is so interesting and amusing too:) I am terrible for peeking at the endings of books unless they are really gripping. It’s a sure sign that I’m losing interest if I decide to see how it ends before finishing the book. I never used to do it but it seems to be a trait that arrived about 10 years ago – it must have been ‘my age’ as they say:)


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