Me thinks she doth yammer too much!

I’ve just been reading about the letter on the Persephone website that describes blogging as “yammering”.

It seems to me that it’s Persephone that’s doing the yammering – what a silly thing to write. They obviously are oblivious to how pompous and condescending their attitude is. But then, I’ve found this is so in many areas of life. There are always “us” and “them”, whether it’s in a professional situation at work, or socially. That’s just human nature, sadly.

As for me I thought a long time before stating my blog. I’d read others’ and enjoyed them, but hesitated to join in as I thought that I can’t write as well as, say, Litlove at Tales from the Reading Room or Dovegreyreader. But then I love books, libraries, book shops and am always reading and having written factual reports for work for several years that had to be in a certain style and format I wanted to experiment and have a go myself. So BooksPlease it is, because they do please and if you’d asked me when I was a child what I’d like for Christmas or my birthday I’d reply “Books, please”. Still do.

4 thoughts on “Me thinks she doth yammer too much!

  1. What a lovely compliment! Thank you! (although in all fairness I must point out that it is the day job for me; I get lots of practice). I love what you do here – it’s clear to see your passion for books shining through, and there’s very little that’s more readable than that.


  2. This controversy is going to run and run, I can see this. Lovely that we all agree on loving books and just wanting to talk about them and share opinions. I have had so many great visitors and comments today and thank you for dropping by. Elaine


  3. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere and everyone who loves books has thoughts that are valuable. As are yours.


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