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Graham Sharp, Trevor’s father killed Alice Matlock accidentally whilst arguing with her.  She had overheard Trevor and Mick boasting about the robberies and told Graham that she was going to report them to the police. He had pleaded with her not to call the police and lost his temper. He reached for her and she fell backwards, hitting her head on the corner of a table.

Banks questions Trevor about the break-ins and sends his colleagues to bring Mick in, but Mick grabs a gun and runs to the nearest cottage, which is where Jenny lives and threatens to shoot her.

The peeping Tom is Robin Allott, a member, along with Sandra, of the photography club. Sandra is one of his victims and he takes it one step further when she offers to lend him her slide projector. He attacks her, holding her at knife point but she fights him off and then rings Alan for help. He, however, is needed to help Jenny.