The TBR Triple Dog Dare

James at James Reads Books is the host of a TBR Dare, made into a Dog Dare in honour of Dakota, his Bassett Hound.  This year the Triple Dog Dare will be, so he says, the last one.  I€™ve not taken part before, but this year it seems just the right thing to do to keep me focused on reading from my own bookshelves. So I€™ve signed up for the full three months.

Triple Dog DareFrom Jan 1st 2014 until March 31st read only books already in your TBR pile or those you€™ve already reserved at the library.

You are allowed to make whatever exceptions you need as long as you set them prior to January 1, so I€™m going to except books chosen for my local book group.

Of course, this doesn€™t mean you have to stop acquiring books €“ you just have to resist reading them until after March 31st, but I€™m going to try not buying books too.

As I’m already taking part in other challenges to help me focus on my TBRs this challenge for me is to refrain from buying/acquiring books, other than library books, ARCs received before 1 April 2014, and my book group choices, which will be difficult.

My success therefore will depend on my determination to stick to the three months of abstinence – I’m going to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME  and see if I can do it.

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