One-Word Reviews for the Last Ten Books I Read.

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The topic this week is One-Word Reviews for the Last Ten Books I Read. I thought this would difficult because how can you sum up a book with just one word? You can’t, because there is so much more to say about a book. On the other hand, it’s good to try to define what a book is about – but not in just one word! There are so many layers and complications, sub-plots and twists and turns to a book to even try to sum it up in one sentence, let alone in one word!

Anyway, I’m not happy with the words I’ve chosen for these books – they fall far short … totally inadequate.

I’ve linked the book to my posts where I’ve written them for a more detailed account. I’m aiming to write reviews for the other three books.

  1. The Homecoming by Anna Enquist -heart-wrenching
  2. The Drowned City by K L Maitland – dark
  3. The Honourable Schoolboy by John Le Carré – spies
  4. Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo – tragic
  5. A Room With a View by E M Forster – satirical
  6. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad – horrific
  7. Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter by Lizzie Pook – perilous
  8. My Evil Mother: a short story by Margaret Atwood – quirky
  9. Holy Island by L J Ross – disappointing
  10. Cécile is Dead by Georges Simenon – greed

30 thoughts on “One-Word Reviews for the Last Ten Books I Read.

  1. I came to the same conclusion you did – that the one word I chose was completely inadequate. So I’m twisting the topic to give me a more satisfying result

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  2. I give you a lot of credit for doing this, Margaret. There is no way that I would be able to sum up books I’ve read with just one word. I really like the way you’ve gotten right to the heart of the books!

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    1. Yes, it’s great isn’t it! There’s a real skill in writing a satisfying short story, so many fall short and leave me thinking, ‘is that it?’ at the end, but not this one.


  3. I found this difficult too – one word just isn’t enough! I think you’ve done well with the words you’ve chosen, though. KJ Maitland’s books are certainly dark!

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