Challenge Update

I’m taking part in 6 Challenges this year. Clicking on the challenge titles takes you to my Progress Pages:

Calendar of Crime

Twelve books, one representing each month, are required for a completed challenge. In addition challengers are encouraged to read more than one/all category/ies for each month.

So far I have read 11 books that qualify for the different categories covering 9 months of the year – nothing yet for January, April and June.

European Reading ChallengeERC Map 2019

The aim is to read books by European authors or books set in European countries, each book must be by a different author and set in a different country. I’m going for the FIVE STAR (DELUXE ENTOURAGE) which is to: Read at least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries.

So far, I’ve read 4.

Mount TBR Challenge

Books must be owned by you prior to January 1, 2019. No library books.  Any reread may count, regardless of how long you’ve owned it prior to 2019, provided you have not read it in last five years. I’m aiming to get to the top of Mont Blanc, that is to read 24 books and hope to move up to the higher levels if I can.

I have read 15 up to now.

What’s In A Name?WhatsinaName14

So far I have read 3 books from the 6 categories. The categories I have yet to fill are books with titles that fit into these 3 categories:

  • A precious stone/metal
  • A month or day of the week
  • Contains both the words “of” AND “and”


The Virtual Mount TBR Challenge

This is for books you do not own. They may be borrowed from the library, a friend, or anywhere else. I am aiming to climb Mount Rum Doodle – that is, 12 books.

So far I have read 6 library books.

When Are You Reading Challenge

For this you are required to read one book predominantly set in each of the twelve time periods, from pre-1300 up to the Future.

I have read books for 4 of the periods so far covering the periods 1500 – 1699, 1900-1919, 1920-1939 and 1940-1959.

13 thoughts on “Challenge Update

    • I didn’t intend to do so many challenges this year, but each one tempted me. Some of them only involve reading a few books, so I decided I could fit them in. Projects, on the other hand, take much more effort, I think and can take much longer.


      • I know that feeling of just being too tempted…. I got into difficulty a few years ago and it spoiled my reading year because I felt I was just reading to tick off some boxes. Your approach seems much more sensilble


  1. I’m exhausted, Margaret! Well done on your progress and on your organisational capacity. These types of challenges are so tempting but it’s the reviews that get me. Maybe I’ll tackle a few challenges just for myself, with no obligations to review 🙂

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    • The reviews get me too, Sandra – especially if I don’t sit down to write them soon after I’ve finished a book! And reviews aren’t necessary for some of the challenges – eg the European Reading Challenge and I don’t think you have to for the Where Are You Reading one either. Actually, I think it’s up to you – I haven’t written reviews for one or two of my Mount TBR books and there’s no penalty if you don’t! 😉

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