Appleby’s End by Michael Innes


Appleby’s End was first published in 1945.


8 thoughts on “Appleby’s End by Michael Innes

  1. I agree with you, Margaret, that Death at the President’s Lodging is a fine ‘locked mystery.’ I can see why you liked it as you did, more than you did this one. You make an interesting point about Innes’ writing style. I suppose it is an acquired taste. Still, he could concoct a puzzle…

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  2. I read this recently too and I agree that it’s not one of his better books. I found the plot too bizarre and the ridiculous names irritated me. My favourites by Michael Innes so far are Hamlet, Revenge! and Lament for a Maker.

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    1. I have a copy of Hamlet Revenge! -so, it’s good to know it’s one of your favourite of his books. I’ll look out for Lament for Maker too.

      I also have Operation Pax, which looks as though it’s another bizarre one – I hope it’s not too bizarre!


    1. Well, I liked Death at the President’s Lodging and Helen liked Hamlet Revenge! and Lament for a Maker, but I don’t recommend the other Appleby books I’ve read – Appleby’s End, The Secret Vanguard, or The Daffodil Affair.


  3. I’ve read quite a lot of his books and I imagine that his university colleagues were probably quite jealous of his success as a writer – albeit of crime novels. All the literary allusions seem a bit snobbish but I suppose they were just a way of getting his day job into his books., and some people love spotting quotations.


  4. I have only read Death at the President’s Lodgings so far, and thi certainly sounds rather different from that! I have the second Appleby book waiting for me on my kindle and one of his stand alone books on my bookshelf… I am now wondering quite what I’m letting myself in for!


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