10 Books of Summer – Wrap Up

Cathy’s summer reading challenge ends tomorrow. I opted for the 10 book version. I revised my original list but still didn’t manage to read all 10. But I did read 7 of them and reviewed 5. I also read the first story in Daphne du Maurier’s short story collection and will read the rest maybe for the R.I.P. Challenge that started yesterday.

  1. On Beulah Height by Reginald Hill 
  2. Darkside by Belinda Bauer 
  3. Ruined Stones by Eric Reed
  4. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
  5. Absent in the Spring by Agatha Christie
  6. Camino Island by John Grisham  – review to follow
  7. Cecile is Dead by Georges Simenon – review to follow
  8. Don’t Look Now and other stories by Daphne du Maurier – I’ve read the first story

The two I haven’t read are:

  1. Appleby’s End by Michael Innes – I’ve started it but I’m not impressed so far!
  2. Coffin Road by Peter May – I will definitely read this one – possibly also one for the R.I.P. Challenge.

7 thoughts on “10 Books of Summer – Wrap Up

  1. You really did choose some good ‘uns, Margaret. I’m looking forward to reading what you thought of the Grisham and the Simenon. And I don’t think anyone ever gets through all of the reading there is. I know I never come close to reading as many books as I would like..

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    1. Margot, the Grisham was interesting – but not what I was expecting, a lot slower than his other books and more of romance than a thriller. The Simenon is a typical Maigret story and it baffled me completely!

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  2. I didn’t get on with Appleby’s End either, but I loved On Beulah Heights; I think it is one of Hill’s best. How did you fare with the Ruth Ware? I think this is the weakest of her novels. Her latest, The Death of Mrs Westaway, is excellent.

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    1. I loved On Beulah Heights too. As for The Woman in Cabin 10, I felt the book was too drawn out, I wasn’t convinced by the plot and in places I found it hard to believe. It’s easy reading, so I kept turning the pages, but the final chapter left me cold – tying up the ends in a facile way.


  3. I finished reading all of my 20 books, but only reviewed 6 of them. Taking time to review is my downfall. I am slowly reading the Dalziel / Pascoe books in order and the most recent one I read was Recalled to Life (also not reviewed).

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    1. You did well, Tracy. I’m always behind with writing reviews – and if I don’t write immediately after I’ve finished a book it’s even harder to get round to it!


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