First Chapter First Paragraph: The Three Evangelists by Fred Vargas

Every Tuesday First Chapter, First Paragraph/Intros is hosted by Vicky of I’d Rather Be at the Beach sharing the first paragraph or two of a book she’s reading or plans to read soon.

This week I’m featuring The Three Evangelists by Fred Vargas, one of my favourite authors. I’ve read some of her Commissaire Adamsberg books and loved them. This one is the first in the Three Evangelists series.

The Three Evangelists (Three Evangelists, #1)

It begins:

‘Pierre, something’s wrong with the garden,’ said Sophia.

She opened the window and examined the patch of ground. She knew it by heart, every blade of grass. What she saw sent a shiver down her spine.

Blurb from the back cover:

The opera singer Sophia Siméonidis wakes up one morning to discover that a tree has appeared overnight in the garden of her Paris house. Intrigued and unnerved, she turns to her neighbours: Vandoosler, an ex-cop, and three impecunious historians, Mathias, Marc and Lucien – the three evangelists. They agree to dig around the tree and see if something has been buried there. They find nothing but soil.

A few weeks later, Sophia disappears and her body is found burned to ashes in a car. Who killed the opera singer? Her husband, her ex-lover, her best friend, her niece? They all seem to have a motive.

Vandoosler and the three evangelists set out to find the truth.

∼ ∼ 

This looks so different from her Adamsberg books – and yet at the same time so similar – quirky, with eccentric characters and with a mystery to solve.

What do you think – would you read on?

14 thoughts on “First Chapter First Paragraph: The Three Evangelists by Fred Vargas

  1. I have to admit, Margaret, I like Fred Vargas’ work very much. She’s very talented, and I thought this one was well done. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


  2. I’ve never read any books by this author, but this one definitely has an interesting beginning. Yep, I’d keep going. 🙂


  3. Now look what you’ve made me do! I read The Three Evangelists and just ordered the second book in the series. I’ve read all the Adamsberg books and love them. I love the characters, so quirky and interesting.


  4. Just coming to the end of this book, funnily enough. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed its quirkiness and think you would like it too.


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