20 Books of Summer 2016

20 Bks of Summer 2106

Cathy at Cathy 746 Books has an annual challenge to read twenty books over the summer months starting on 1 June 2016 and running until 5 September 2016 – that’s 7 books a month! The aim is to read what is already on your shelves.

Last year I didn’t complete this challenge, even though I only went for 10 books, reading just 6 of the books I’d selected. So I must be mad to try to read 20 books this year. My problem is not reading that number of books, but sticking to the books I’ve chosen. I’ve found before that as soon as I list books in this way I want to read books that aren’t on my list!

Well, I decided to have a go anyway and walked round my bookshelves pulling out these books without spending much time thinking about my selection.

I’m not going to attempt to read them in any particular order. From top to bottom they are (click on the titles for a link to their Goodreads description):

20 Summer Bks1

20 Summer Bks2

Now, the question is, will I be able to stick to this list? I’m going to try! But I expect I’ll get diverted by other books before the end of the challenge – so be it.

Have you read any of these books (I’m sure many of you have), are there any that you think I should definitely read, or any that I should avoid? Do let me know what you think.

20 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2016

    • Oh, that’s good to know that The Girl on the Train is a super quick read – I may start with that one. Moon Tiger is a book I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I do like Penelope Lively’s books, so I’m hoping to enjoy both that and Heat Wave.


  1. I did like the sound of ‘The Water Horse’ , I checked it out on Good Reads — the one review was not very complimentary. However, I still might look for a copy.
    Your lists are always so interesting to me.


    • Oh dear, I see someone thought it was ‘utter tosh’! But others gave it several stars – we can’t all like the same books – if you do get a copy I hope you’ll like it.


  2. Delighted to see you are joining in Margaret and even more so because Asta’s Book is on your list and I love this book! I’ve also read the Colin Dexter and the Wycliffe but many years ago – looking forward to the reviews!


  3. Looks like a great summer reading list! I don’t think I’ve read any of them – perhaps the Colin Dexter many years ago – I can’t really remember which of his I’ve read. But lots of them appeal to me – both Barbara Vine and Patricia Wentworth are authors I’d like to try, and I’ve heard lots of good things about Simon Mawer. Oh dear! I do hope you don’t end up tempting me to all of these with your reviews… 😉

    Here’s to a great summer!


  4. Sadly I haven’t read any of these to recommend where you should start. You look like you’ve got a great mixture of books though so I hope you enjoy yourself, whether you read them all or not.


  5. Oh, good luck Margaret. A couple of Barbara Vines there (who’s Ruth Rendell isn’t it?)

    Have also read The Girl on The Train which everyone loved more than me… (I wasn’t happy with the end), but it’s still enjoyable.


  6. Interesting list. I have to say that I was not impressed with The Girl on the Train although I devoured it in two days. It is suspenseful; that is true. But no real character development.
    The Harry Bingham books are quite good mysteries, with an unusual protagonist.


  7. You’ve got some fantastic reads there, Margaret. I really like the mix of older novels and more modern ones. I see you’ve a couple of Barbara Vines, the BIngham, the Wentworth and the Tey. Yes, I think you’re in for some good reading.


  8. Don’t miss Asta’s Book – a really terrific read 🙂
    Love your lists Maragaret. Might try ‘The Sex Life of My Aunt’ LOL


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