First Chapter, First Paragraph: Go Set a Watchman

Every Tuesday Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea hosts First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, where you can share the first paragraph, or a few, of a book you are reading or thinking about reading soon.

My choice this week is Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee which is published today. It begins:

Since Atlanta, she had looked out the dining-car window with a delight almost physical. Over her breakfast coffee, she watched the last of Georgia’s hills recede and the red earth appear, and with it tin-roofed houses set in the middle of swept yards, and in the yards the inevitable verbena grew, surrounded by whitewashed tires. She grinned when she saw her first TV antenna atop an unpainted Negro house; as they multiplied her joy rose.

Jean Louise Finch always made this journey by air, but she decided to go by train from New York to Maycomb Junction on her fifth annual trip home. For one thing, she had the life scared out of her the last time she was on a plane: the pilot had elected to fly through a tornado. For another, flying home meant her father rising at three in the morning, driving a hundred miles to meet her in Mobile, and doing a full day’s work afterwards: he was seventy-two now and this was no longer fair.

I loved To Kill a Mockingbird when I read it a couple of years ago but I’m still not sure I want to read Go Set a Watchman, so I downloaded a sample on my Kindle to have a look at the beginning.

What do you think? Are you going to read it?

16 thoughts on “First Chapter, First Paragraph: Go Set a Watchman

  1. Excellent choice, Margaret! It has certainly raised a lot of comment, and I’ll be keen to know whether you read the book or not. If you do read it, I’ll be keen to read your review.


  2. I just read this intro 2 days ago –first chapter was available prior to release. I like the writing, I know I will want to read it at some point, but want to read some reviews first. Will look forward to your review Margaret.


  3. You can add me to the group that is waiting a bit on this one. I think I’ll have to be in the right mood. I have even resisted the impulse to re-read TKAM. I think I’ll read them back to back. But, I’m not sure when. We’ll see and thanks for sharing this little tidbit.


  4. I’ve been following the controversy on this book and have been leaning toward the side of not reading it. I don’t believe Harper Lee wanted it published. However — I like how the first paragraph pulled me in. I will probably wait and decide later. I’ll let all the dust settle.


  5. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it. As much as I loved To Kill a Mockingbird, I am not sure I will be reading this one. I am curious though to know what those who do read it think.


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