Crime Fiction TBR

I saw that Susan had posted photos of her TBR mystery piles on her blog You Can Never Have Too Many Books and I thought it was such a good idea to bring them all together that I’ve done the same.

The photo below shows my TBR crime fiction books, which I’ve now collected together on my bookshelves – previously they were scattered amongst all the other TBRs. (I have more on my Kindle!)

TBR crime fiction shelves

I had no idea how many I had as I’ve never separated them from my other TBRs before. It doesn’t look that many, but there are 50 books on those shelves.  If I didn’t read any other books I could possibly read them all by the end of the year – that would be an achievement!

Now I’ve just got to re-shelve the other TBR books I took off the shelves for these books! At the moment they’re in piles on the floor, needing to be slotted into the rest of the non-crime fiction TBRs.

TBR piles 01

10 thoughts on “Crime Fiction TBR”

  1. What a lovely selection of crime stories! My books are organised according to challenges at the moment so I couldn’t do this without creating serious confusion. LOL!


  2. Margaret – You do have a wonderful lot of books there. I really ought to sort through my TBR, too….


  3. Nothing lovelier than a stack of books, except maybe two stacks of books!
    I have my books sorted by genre on my shelves but have never counted my mysteries. They are the bulk of my books though. I keep thinking I might alphabetized them by author…


  4. I see that you have two very good books there: All Quiet on the Western Front which I read recently and one of my absolute favourite books, it is really great – The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penny. It is sort of a mystery/crime theme in there as well.


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