Saturday Snapshot

We’ve been away last week – we went here:

Caringorms P1080750the Cairngorms – and there was snow in May.

Cairngorm shop P1080752Lower down the snow fell too but didn’t stick. The photo below is of a beautiful little loch in the Glenmore Forest Park, An Lochan Uaine the ‘green lochan’ (although in my photo it looks blue – it was really green!). ‘Lochan’ is Gaelic for ‘ a small loch, or lake’.

An Lochan Uaine P1080677The green shows up more in this photo:

An Lochan Uaine P1080681

We have many more photos, which no doubt, I’ll be posting and writing about later. Click on the photos to see them enlarged.

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15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot”

  1. Wow, snow in May? That’s amazing. All the pictures are beautiful – northern Scotland, I am guessing? I have never been but would love to visit someday.

    I announced my summer reading challenge today – it’s very low-key – you only need to read at least one book over 400 pages this summer to participate. It was a lot of fun last year – check it out!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend –


    Big Book Summer Challenge


  2. I’ve been watching the Giro in Italy and have seen the snow and terrible conditions there, so it’s not surprising to see it in Scotland. Actually a lot of Europe seems to be having a cold, slow spring. I love the colours in the third picture.


  3. Margaret – Oh, those are lovely! I really like the way you’ve captured the contrast between the white and the green of the trees. That bridge is especially pretty.


  4. That green is similar to theh colour of the water around Tintagel. I wonder if it’s a slatey green rock which gives it the colour.


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