Saturday Snapshot

Happy Easter!

I’ve been looking back at family photos and came across this one today – an Easter photo from the past. I’m not saying how old this is, but our son, opening his Easter Eggs, now has his own children. Also in the photo are my sister-in-law and my nephew:

Paul Easter 002For more Saturday Snapshots see Alyce’s blog At Home With Books.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. I love looking at old family photos – when I was at my mother’s last week I found some of my daughters, taken in her garden one year when it snowed at Easter, and they were outside at about six in the morning, building a snowman and playing snowballs, then they came inside and ate Easter eggs for breakfast!


  2. I just love looking though old family photos — I could do it for hours. There’s something about capturing those images — in a way it’s a bit of a lost art in the new digital age where we take photos of everything without really thinking about it.


  3. Margaret – What a lovely ‘photo! I love re-discovering old ‘photos like that; it can bring back great memories. Thanks for sharing this one.


    • Happy Easter, – a Buttons egg, perfect. I love looking at photos of when they were wee. It’s a bit of a worry that we never have actual photos nowadays as we don’t print them out.


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