Weekly Geeks – Time for Reading?

This week’s Weekly Geeks question is about how to find time to read:

Do you read for a few minutes here and there?

Do you put aside certain nights or times of the day to read?

How do you minimize family interruptions?

If I don’t have some time for reading each day I feel deprived – I have to read even if it’s only for a few minutes. Reading is essential.

I’ll read whenever there are a few minutes here and there. At work I used to read whilst waiting for the lift, at breaks and at lunch time. I’ll read whenever I have to wait – at the doctor’s, dentist’s and hospital waiting rooms (it is more difficult to concentrate in those places, I admit). I also like to read whilst eating breakfast (but not other meal times), and each night I read before I fall asleep.

Family interruptions aren’t a problem. I can read whilst the TV is on, provided I don’t want to watch what’s on, of course. Sport is ideal for both reading and writing – the background noise seems to help me to read. This may be because growing up I had to do my homework in front of the TV in a warm room, or upstairs in a freezing cold bedroom (we didn’t have central heating).

6 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks – Time for Reading?

  1. Margaret – I do a very similar thing: I read whenever I have a few moments, whether it’s at the doctor’s or dentist’s office or someplace else. I read, too, at night before going to sleep. I’ve got one of those schedules that doesn’t allow me uninterrupted hours of reading time, so I take advantage of whatever dollops of time I have. Like you, I could not imagine not reading.


  2. Hi Margaret,

    I find that I am allocating less and less time to actually reading and more and more time to talking and blogging about it.
    I really shall have to re-prioritise soon, as I love reading and it is getting me down now.

    I can’t read with the television on, or in a room with people talking, I like to be solitary and quiet, to savour the experience.
    I tend to read when I am having breakfast, but not at other mealtimes.
    Days when I am volunteering, I have to get to the car park so early to get any chance of a space, so I will sit in the car and read then, although I do get a few strange looks.
    That’s about it really, I used to read in bed at night before going to sleep, but with now having my small on-line bookstore, it is not possible to close down for the day much before 11pm, by then I am just too tired to read. People do order books at some very strange times, I find.


  3. Carving out time to read has always been a priority for me also. I used to not be able to read with any distractions, but after we had kids I found I could read through just about anything!

    I always read before bed, and now I usually read after dinner as well. I faithfully listen to books in the car, doctor’s offices, waiting for kids to be done with whatever I’m picking them up from, etc. The iPhone has made that reading so much easier.

    >Sport is ideal for both reading and writing €“ the background noise seems to help me to read.

    Yes, I’ve read through many a baseball and football game myself.


  4. I used to snatch a few pages whenever I could, but I have found that in order to review a book reasonably well, it is far better to read it in a few sittings. Otherwise I tend to lose track.


  5. When I was still working, I was very frustrated because I couldn’t find time to read. I can’t read in bed because the light bothers my husband, and I can’t read when the television is on because it’s too distracting. Besides, I love sports and that’s what we have on much of the time. I promised myself that when I retired, I would read as much as I wanted. Of course, that didn’t happen but I do read for long stretches of time now in a very quiet house.


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