Library Loot

Here are some of the library books I currently have out on loan.

I haven’t started any of them, although I’ve dipped into each one. From top to bottom they are:

  • The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Sansom. An interesting title I thought. It’s about a Jewish, vegetarian librarian who has just arrived to take up his first post as a librarian in Ireland. His problem is that the library has been shut down and he ends up driving a mobile library – with 15,000 fewer books than there should be. Who has stolen them and when would they have time to read them all?
  • The Careful Use of Compliments by Alexander McCall Smith. I keep reading reviews of his books, but not of this one, saying how good his books are, so I thought I’d borrow one to see for myself. This is an Isabel Dalhousie novel, part of the Sunday Philosophy Club series, in which she has a new baby, deals with the threatened takeover of her beloved Review and is drawn into the story of a painter’s mysterious death of the island of Jura.
  • Death of a Red Heroine by Qui Xiaolong. I read about this one on Norman’s blog and thought it sounded good. Set in Shanghai in 1990, Chief Inspector Chen’s investigation of the murder of a young woman leads him to the decadent offspring of high-ranking officials.
  • Dead in the Morning by Margaret Yorke. It’s been a few years since I read any of Margaret Yorke’s books. This one is about arrogant, cruel and demanding old Mrs Ludlow, whose housekeeper is found dead. Everyone assumes the fatal dose of poison was  intended for Mrs Ludlow herself, but was it?
  • Happy Birthday by Christina Jones. This is described as a “magical romantic comedy” and I thought it could make a nice change from my usual fare. It’s about Phoebe, jilted at the altar. Can she really use the secret magic of “birthday-ology” to find a perfect match? I’m not sure now that I’ll like this book.

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8 thoughts on “Library Loot

  1. Margaret, looks like you have some good books there. My mystery book group read Death of a Red Heroine a couple of years ago. I liked it a lot. Some of our members felt it was slow, but it had its own rhythm I think. I keep meaning to read on in the series. I have a copy of The Case of the Missing Books around here. One of my “one day…” books.


  2. Margaret – You’ve got some very nice choices, there! I’m a fan of Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, although not as much his Isabel Dalhousie series. Perhaps you’ll like The Careful Use of Compliments; I have to confess I wasn’t as taken with it as I have been with his other series..


  3. What a lovely stack of books! I also have Ian Samsons books here to read and I am reading a McCall Smith book at the moment–La’s Orchestra Saves the World. I love it! I usually do like his books but have not read any of his series in their entirety. Enjoy your treasures and happy reading…


  4. The only one of those I’ve read is the Ian Sansom – I really enjoyed it because it appealed to my sense of humour – it’s very light though and there’s not a single death so it doesn’t appeal to all mystery lovers.


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