Coldstream Guards March to London

I opened the front door last Wednesday and saw to my surprise the road was full of marching soldiers. I just caught the end of the troops as they marched past and didn’t have time to get my camera. Talking to my neighbour she said they were marching to London – now that is a long way away from here.

I checked online and discovered that they were troops from the 7th Company Coldstream Guards marching 425 miles to Tower Hill in an effort to raise money for comrades wounded in Afghanistan via the Army Benevolent Fund. 

Coldstream Guards march from Coldstream to London, stopping off at Berwick and Alnwick on the first day. Picture by Captain Mark Hayhurst

Picture by Captain Mark Hayhurst (copied from

They’re re-enacting the journey of more than 350 years ago when more than 6,000 soldiers under the command of General George Monck marched from Coldstream to London to help to restore Charles II to the British throne.

6 thoughts on “Coldstream Guards March to London

  1. Margaret, that is so very interesting. Thank you for sharing that with us. Quite a cold walk I would imagine. How noble of them to honor their comrades in that way.


  2. These soldiers are due to come through Market Harborough in Leicestershire where I live on Saturday 23rd. My son is their RMO out in Afghanistan. I am trying to arrange for them to come into our parish Church for a cuppa along the way, but at the moment am waiting for a call from the local police station, who seem to think that there may be some protest!!! If we succeed in getting them here, I will try and get some photos.


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