Library Matters

 I started to write Library Loot posts a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d combine this one with the today’s Musing Mondays post as that is about the library …

How often do you visit the library? Do you have a scheduled library day/time, or do you go whenever? Do you go alone, or take people with you?

I don’t have a scheduled day to visit the library, but I do go frequently.  Actually I borrow books from two libraries – a little branch library, which I visit the most and the main County library. I either go on my own or with my husband.

Sometimes I go specifically to the library but often I combine my visit with shopping trips.  I prefer the branch library because even though there are less books on the shelves to choose from there is a really friendly atmosphere there – the staff know me. In any case if I want a particular book I can reserve it. They have several displays, that I always check first such as new books and first books before browsing the shelves or looking for specific books/authors. It’s a lot easier to park here as well. I usually borrow far too many books. At the moment I’m up to the limit on my ticket – 15 books, but I can always use my husband’s as he doesn’t borrow as many. We often borrow a DVD and have recently been taking out an audiobook as well.

I haven’t been to the library this week, maybe going tomorrow, so my Library Loot post is about some of the books I’ve got out already. Of the 15 books I have out there are four books that I haven’t started to read. They are (the summaries are from the library catalogue, except for the Wodehouse book):

  • The Crowded Bed by Mary Cavanagh – Joe Fortune, a Jewish GP, has been married to Anna, his Aryan beauty, for 20 years, in a relationship that is sustained with great passion and happiness. But in the shadows of their lives, dark secrets are hidden.
  • An Imaginative Experience by Mary Wesley – Mary Wesley draws out on a plot of unforgettable impact: of loss, of release, of a necessarily comic acceptance of fate, of love the ‘imaginative experience’. Rich in character and wit, and powerfully moving, this is a novel of the heart’s pain and deliverance.
  • Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen by P G Wodehouse – extract from the back cover – When the doctor advises Bertie to live the quiet life he and Jeeves head for the pure air and peace of Maiden Eggesford. However they hadn’t reckoned on Aunt Dahlia, aound whom an imbroglio develops involving the Cat which Kept Popping Up When Least Expected.
  • The Mirror Cracked from Side To Side by Agatha Christie – One minute, Heather had been gabbling on at her movie idol, Marina Gregg – the next, Heather suffered a massive seizure. But for whom was the poison really intended? This is one in a new-look series of Miss Marple books for the 21st century.

Writing about them now makes me want to read them all at once, but since I’m in the middle of other books they’ll have to wait.

12 thoughts on “Library Matters

  1. Only 15 books at a time?! I’d die. Our limit is 50, lol…I haven’t gotten there, but I’m at 31 right now.

    I really enjoyed that Miss Marple, and Wodehouse is always fun!


  2. I love Bertie Wooster and all his aunts! It’s been much too long since I read any Wodehouse. Your branch library sounds very pleasant, and it’s nice that the parking is easy. If a library isn’t within walking distance, it should at least have lots of big parking spaces!


  3. An Imaginative Experience made me cry, not always an easy read but probably my favourite Mary Wesley novel. Hope you get around it to.

    Of course, Bertie and Miss Marple are great company as well.


  4. Dear Margaret

    I was ‘Googled’ that my novel The Crowded Bed has been selected for a library choice. I wonder if you might email me, as I have a few questions to ask you about Library Loot. I do hope you enjoy TCB.

    With best wishes



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