A Saturday Stroll – Saturday Scenes

On such a beautiful sunny day, even reading The Madonna of the Rocks by Marina Fiorato (her new book due out in May) couldn’t keep me indoors, so D and I went out for a walk. Although it’s still only February it feels and looks as though spring is here. We went down a narrow uneven footpath near opposite our house to an old country lane and then across fields to the edge of a lake.



There were plenty of birds, including this heron perched on a fence in the distance.


And a swan:


As we continued on our walk overhead a red kite soared above the trees, chased away by the rooks making a terrific racket. The path home is over more fields rather wet and boggy after the wet weather and snow.


The cattle were also noisy, waiting to be let out into the fields.


Back over the fields. This is a well-used path but today we only passed one other walker.


Signs of spring along the way – snowdrops



and croscuses.





Home with muddy boots.


13 thoughts on “A Saturday Stroll – Saturday Scenes

  1. It was a lovely day here, in Co. Durham too. Took an early morning walk. I love the crocuses and snowdrops , such a welcome sight after seeing snow for so long.


  2. What a lovely walk–I enjoyed going along with you. Your pictures of spring give hope of winter ending, although we have had a month and a half of calm, unseasonably warm weather, the rain and colder temps are arriving back tonight and I fear March might really prove to be a lion all month long! I do have little primroses blooming in my front yard though–hardy little plants.
    Your picture of the swan is so lovely and I can’t imagine going for a walk outside my house anywhere close and coming across anything so pretty!


  3. How beautiful! So it will get warm again someday? 🙂 I’d take pics of our neighborhood, but if you Google “pictures of frozen tundra” you’d get about the same thing. 😉

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Your February walk is much nicer than mine would be. We got yet more snow last night. You actually have lovely green grass and flowers to look at! I’ll not see either of those for a good month still! Those snowdrops are lovely!


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