The End of Summer by Rosamunde Pilcher

end of summerI don’t often listen to audiobooks but a car journey up to Scotland seemed the ideal time to do so – reading in the car just makes me feel queasy. Rosamunde Pilcher’s The End of Summer read by Geraldine James was entertaining enough to fill in three hours of the journey. It’s easy listening, and though the ending was predictable I did enjoy it.

After years living in America, Jane Marsh is summoned back to Scotland by her grandmother to stay at her beloved Elvie, the remote and beautiful family estate. There she is reunited with her dashing and handsome cousin Sinclair, whom she had idolised as a child. She had dreamed of marrying Sinclair but meeting him again she finds he is not as she remembered and she wonders whether he can be trusted. In contrast to Sinclair is David Stewart, the dependable and efficient family lawyer.

This is a gentle story, although there is one dramatic episode towards the end of the book. The most enjoyable parts for me were the descriptions of Elvie, the loch and the surrounding landscape and Geraldine James’s reading of the story.

3 thoughts on “The End of Summer by Rosamunde Pilcher

  1. I love Rosamunde Pilcher and have a copy of this on my nightstand. Might be the perfect book to read before diving into another long novel. I just finished a mystery (In the Woods by Tana French) and it was quite a chunkster, weighing in at over 400 pages. I loved it, but it felt like I was reading it for a long time!


  2. I enjoyed this book during a taxing period of my life, she does write so well about Scotland, Cornwall too in other books. You are right it is gentle, and sometimes gentle is what we need.


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