Why LibraryThing? – Tuesday Thingers

Today’s Tuesday Thingers question is:
Why LT?

Why did you choose to open and maintain an LT account? Do you/did you use other online cataloging/social networking sites, like GoodReads or Shelfari? Do you use more than one? Are they different or do they serve different purposes?

My answer:

I knew about LibraryThing from other people’s blogs and had looked at it but decided not to use it myself because I had catalogued most of my books in a database on my laptop. Then we were burgled and one of the things stolen was the laptop.  I was devastated. The laptop could be replaced but not its contents and I had spent a long time entering in all the details of both my books and my husband’s and did not have a saved copy. I expect the thief was surprised to see my catalogue.

The thought of starting again was depressing and then I thought of LibraryThing. It’s better than the database I had used and I like having an image of the book. It’™s easy to add in books as LibraryThing does all the work for you using data imported from booksellers and a long list of libraries and I like seeing other members’™ listings and reviews. And Early Reviewers is a brilliant idea, although I’ve only had one book so far.

I haven’t used other online cataloguing or social networking sites. I hadn’t heard of GoodReads before, but I’m not tempted – LibraryThing and blogging take up plenty of my time as it is!

14 thoughts on “Why LibraryThing? – Tuesday Thingers

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  3. Oh no – sorry about your laptop. When my laptop bit the dust, I was lucky that I was able to recover all my data (though I was never so ambitious as to catalogue ALL my books, I did have a list of who had borrowed what book so I might get them back one day).


  4. Don’t know how you lived through the trauma of having your laptop stolen – I’d be devastated, too. Yes, having the image of the book is one of the things I like best about the system – so much better than just a list of titles. Of course, if LT wasn’t so addictive, I could get a lot more reading done!


  5. After my 2 english classes are over, I definitely have to jump on this Library Thing thing. I love reading the Tuesday Thingers postings but between blogging, reading and classes I haven’t made the effort or found the time to delve into the Library Thing world. Thanks for blogging about it so it keeps me interested!


  6. I would be crushed if I lost my laptop! I am also a big fan of having the cover images – I am very particular about matching the cover on LT to the cover of my edition.


  7. What a drag about the laptop. My life is on my laptop and I back it up everyday but the backup drive sits right next to the computer and now your story makes me think I should hide it because chances are a thief would take the computer and the backup drive. Must not think about that! Yay for LibraryThing though. I love it. I have tried lots of different cataloging systems and this is the best I’ve come across.


  8. Goodness, I hadn’t thought about not putting the backup drive next to the laptop! I shall have to dismantle my entire workspace to move it. Library Thing really works for me, the way it’s set up suits the way I think. I looked at Shelfari and it didn’t “gel” at all. I don’t even mind that I have to enter so many books manually, because they are too old to have ISBN numbers.


  9. That’s why I decided on Library Thing, to have a list for insurance in case of any major disaster, one that’s not stored in my house!


  10. I’m with you about the blogging! It can take up oodles of time if you do it right. I love it so much that I can’t help letting it. 🙂

    I’m glad the other sites exist, if only to provide comparison to what they have versus what LT has. Sometimes the ‘competition’ only serves to make the original look better. 😉


  11. I have one laptop stolen and one crash and die in the past year and so have made sure that all my bookmarks and catalogues are in cyber space. I Also have a standalone backup drive that I keep in a separate locked cupboard at night


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