Sunshine and Cats Please Today

The snow has gone, so I’ve put a sunny picture back in the header. The cattle aren’t back in the fields yet – I took this picture last year, but it is a sunny morning here today.

This is a non-book post and I’m off out for a walk in the sunshine (hopefully it’ll last for a while). Meanwhile, here is a picture of Lucy I took this morning. She’s sitting on the post at the bottom of the stairs – one of her favourite spots.

Below her on the stair post is this rat. The one she had previously fell to pieces, but she’s not interested in this one.

She prefers this stratching post,which she has had since she was a kitten.

8 thoughts on “Sunshine and Cats Please Today

  1. Isn’t it funny how they attach themselves to the old, ratty toys and shun the new ones? Not so different from us sometimes. :-)I’m so glad *someone* is getting beautiful weather finally! And I’m glad it’s someone nice! :-)Lezlie


  2. Thanks,Lezlie. Lucy knows what she likes and it’s not that toy! The weather has stayed fine all day!Zetor, I know I’m biased, but I agree.


  3. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I’m glad you found me because now I have found you. I love to read so I will add you to my favorites. Your cat is so cute!


  4. Awww!We had a scratching post that was strategically placed where we didn’t want things scratched, so much did Bundle (our cat) loathe it…


  5. Very pretty cat. That scratching post is great. I have a small one that my cats ignore (preference is with tables and books, and other things they shouldn’t mess with…).


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